My adventure here in the north woods of Maine, began in August 2010, when my husband and I moved to this beautiful state.

It was a new beginning for my husband and I, and we were excited about all the possibilities that awaited us.
My husband quickly found work in his field, but for me, I was unsure. I had been a stay at home Mom for over 20 years. I had raised my son and daughter, and I was ready for a change. And whatever I chose I wanted to be able to enjoy this new adventure. I have always loved to sew, and since being married and a Mom, I had sewn everything from dresses for my daughter to quilts. My daughter suggested the Christmas stockings I had made for us as a family, as inspiration for stockings to make and sell. It was the beginning of my new adventure! Away Up North was created and opened up shop.

I fell in love with the look and feel of wool fabric when I purchased an antique wool quilt many years ago. I love the many variations of wool fabric. The feel of it: thick, dense, thin, smooth or rough. Or the colors of the wool: plaids, herringbone, stripes and solids.
For each of my designs all these factors are important as I choose the wool fabric that will be made into a stocking or pillow. Which fabric will make a good moose, a bear, a wolf, a snowman or a pine tree?
The stockings, pillows and appliqués (animals & trees) are each traced and cut by hand. The appliqués are then hand sewn onto a stocking or pillow. The stockings and pillows are then assembled on the sewing machine. Finally, each item is checked carefully, before I add the “Maine Made” tag.

Every new holiday season brings many families to Away Up North, to begin their holiday tradition of choosing the perfect Christmas stocking for each member of their family.
We see young couples having their first Christmas together, families returning to purchase another stocking for their “newest addition”, older families beginning a new tradition, and grandparents making sure each grandchild has just the right stocking!

For me personally, my favorite part of creating the stockings and pillows, is hand-stitching the names on the stockings, or the initials on a pillow. When you tell me the name / initials you would like on your item when you place your order, that’s when the stocking or pillow takes on its own personality. That is when a connection is created between me and you. And I feel so honored at that moment, to become a part of your holiday traditions.

So travel on up, to Away Up North and begin your holiday adventure with us. Choose a Christmas stocking, or a pillow to last a lifetime.

Altho, I am the owner, maker and designer of Away Up North, this business adventure could not have happened without the tremendous support I receive from my family. They are there to lend a hand with collecting balsam, design assistance, photography advice, packing orders, cooking dinners and making sure I’m fed 🙂 During the busy holiday season, they help make “Christmas happen” while I spend long hours in my workshop. The support I receive from them is amazing and I love them all!

This northern adventure has been an exciting one! And I love to share my adventures with you. Follow me on Instagram: @awayupnorth and Facebook: awayupnorth To see pictures of my adventures living here away up north!

Away Up North is a proud member of Maine Made: America’s Best


Away Up North was very excited to be featured in DOWN EAST Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide, December 2013.