Snowflake Balsam Pillow – Red Tweed


Let it snow! You will be cozy in your cabin, with this little wool snowflake pillow tucked by your side! The red tweed wool fabric gives it a wonderful vintage feel to it. And it smells wonderful too! Set it in a bookcase, or nestled in a bowl of pinecones, or on your nightstand next to your bed, it is the perfect little pillow for your home and cabin. This snowflake pillow would look great in your cabin, lake, cottage or mountain home.

**Please Note:  This item ships in 7-10 business days**


~Finished pillow dimensions: Approx. 6″x6″ square and 15cm x 15cm square
~This is a 100% organic Maine balsam filled pillow. There are no fillers. Pure, natural balsam direct from the Maine woods.
~The pillow is made from red tweed wool fabric.
~The snowflake is ivory wool fabric and is hand cut and hand-sewn onto the pillow using ivory embroidery floss.
~The pillow is handmade by me, here in the north woods of Maine.